Recognizing Great Dentures

All too often, people with dentures get made fun of because their dentures come out at inopportune times. People may also make fun of the way that people may have had trouble speaking or eating because of their dentures. Or the way poorly fitting dentures (such as George Washington’s) may have made them reluctant to smile.

But dentures don’t have to make you a laughingstock. Instead, they can help you do great things. Here are some people whose dentures are noteworthy successes.

Clark Gable

Clark GableClark Gable was one of Hollywood’s great leading men. From the no-nonsense reporter in It Happened One Night to the immortal Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind, Clark Gable brought to life some of the most notable roles in Hollywood history. And part of his charm was his beautiful smile.

Which was fake. Clark Gable wore dentures from a relatively young age. And these dentures not only gave him the smile of a heartthrob, they helped him speak his lines clearly and supported his singularly dashing appearance.

Winston Churchill

No one is going to accuse Winston Churchill of having a dashing appearance. Nor would they accuse him of having the clearest speaking voice. But his dentures were just as important, so important that they’re sometimes described as the dentures that won the war.

For a full year, from the surrender of France in June 1940 until the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, the United Kingdom stood alone in Europe against the might of the Nazi war machine. Hitler expected that the relentless bombing of Britain would break the resolve of the country, and it might have, but for the regular voice of Winston Churchill on the radio, constantly exhorting the country to maintain its resolve.

And that voice would not have been the same were it not for his dentures, which allowed him to speak clearly while maintaining his characteristic lisp. Everyone knew Churchill’s voice, and Churchill considered his dentures so important to the war effort that he gave his dentist deferments to stay in London. This allowed the dentist to keep his dentures functioning properly throughout the war.

Chet Baker

Let’s not forget local jazz hero Chet Baker. As with many other musicians of his era, Baker suffered from drug addiction. As a result, he took poor care of his teeth and they were in bad shape. At one point, he was ambushed by an acquaintance who demanded money. The two fought and Baker had at least one tooth knocked out in the incident. Others were removed later, and Baker became despondent, not playing any music during this time.

He was arrested on further drug charges, and the judge gave him the option of entering treatment in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Along with entering treatment for his drug habit, Baker got dentures and began to learn how to play trumpet again. Without teeth it’s impossible to play trumpet. With dentures, it’s a challenge, but Baker made it work, and he made music for another 20 years until his death.

Baker’s contributions to the world of Jazz have been recognized in Oklahoma and in Tulsa with Chet Baker Day celebrations, and annually in his hometown of Yale with a jazz festival.

Joe Biden

Outgoing Vice President Joe Biden has a number of affable working-class mannerisms. At the best, they can make him seem relatable, just like your “Average Joe.” But if you combine them with unattractive looking teeth or poorly functioning dentures, Biden would have had difficulty looking even Vice Presidential.

His dentures may never have led him to the highest office in the land, but they helped him maintain his position of authority and respect.

Do Great Things in Dentures

Dentures don’t have to hold you back. In fact, dentures can propel you forward. If you’re currently unhappy with your dentures, let us show you how great neuromuscular cosmetic dentures can be. You’ll enjoy a better fit, better function, and a much better appearance from your dentures. And you can look younger, too. A perfect combination to achieve your goals.

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