The 5 Biggest Reasons to Ditch Your Denture for Dental Implants

If there is one restoration that everyone hates, it’s a partial denture. Not even dentists like them. Although they can sometimes serve a purpose, overall they are more of a nuisance than they’re worth. Especially when there are dental implants that we can use to replace your partial denture with dental implants. Here are five [...]

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Why All Dentistry Should Be Cosmetic Dentistry

At , we practice cosmetic dentistry. While some people may think that cosmetic dentistry is just something added on, an extra procedure unnecessary to your dental treatment, we believe that cosmetic dentistry is actually an integral part of all dentistry, and all dentistry should be . Here’s why. Looking Attractive Is a Function [...]

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Why #smile Is One of the Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in use today. It’s a very different platform than others, because the emphasis is primarily on pictures, and on creating your own, unique content. This makes it appeal to young people who have a lot of interesting pictures to share from their life. And it’s [...]

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3 Reasons to Smile While Running

Running is a big hobby these days. You can’t drive around Tulsa without seeing people’s 13.1 or 26.2 stickers on their cars, boldly proclaiming that they’ve completed half or full marathons. And on the weekends the parks are full of people training--you can watch them do lap after lap. Have you ever watched the [...]

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Is Now the Right Time to Get Your Smile Makeover?

Are you ready for a smile makeover? This can be a dramatic change in your appearance and it can make a big difference in your life, too. That’s why it’s a good reason to do a quick check to make sure it’s the right thing for you now. Is It Really What You Want? [...]

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