Pediatric Dentist Tulsa

Tulsa Pediatric DentistParents want their children to have healthy teeth and a winning smile. Our dentists routinely examine toddlers, children and teens. However, if your child is younger, but has a noticeable gum problem or appears to be in pain, it is never too early to schedule a family dentistry appointment.

Scheduling a pediatric dentistry appointment when your child is young will make her more comfortable with a dental examination and the pediatric team in our Tulsa dental office. We consider these to be happy visits, designed to make your child less anxious and better prepared to care for his teeth.

Our pediatric team has performed residencies caring for children, infants and teens. Therefore, they have experience dealing with youngsters who may initially fear a visit to the dentist. Your child will get to know the warm, friendly staff at our Tulsa dental office. Our dentistry for children includes inspecting each tooth and conducting a periodontal examination. Our dentists will assess the growth of your child’s teeth, check for decay, counsel you about habits that can damage tooth growth and alert you to any signs that may indicate a serious medical condition. Additionally, she will provide preventive care for gum disease and tooth decay.

Our pediatric team teaches children how to brush and floss their teeth. We show parents how to assist their children. Your children will gradually learn how to care for their teeth when you help them. Regularly scheduled visits will help monitor their progress and help reduce dental problems.

Many communities do not have fluoride in their water. When appropriate, we prescribe fluoride, which helps reduce decay and strengthen teeth. Sometimes we also recommend sealants, which are clear protective coatings that help reduce the impact of sugar on rear teeth that may be difficult to clean.

Dr. Hodges’ experience includes a wide range of pediatric dentistry, including everything from regular cleanings to placing crowns to pediatric sedation dentistry. She is Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certified, and has experience completing pediatric dental treatment while the patient is under general anesthesia, which means that she is the perfect Tulsa dentist to take care of your children for any needs that they may have! Our Tulsa dental office offers pediatric dentistry with the right expertise for everyone in your family. As your children get older, you will be able to schedule visits for the entire family on the same day.

Let our family dentistry give you peace of mind by caring for your child’s teeth and gums. When necessary, we can also recommend a pedodontist, a pediatric dentist who specializes in extensive pediatric dental care. For more information about our pediatric dental care, please schedule a consultation at élan by Dr. Meghan Hodges.