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Holistic Dentistry

We believe that practicing holistic dentistry is a vital part of providing excellent patient care. Holistic dentistry involves using biologically compatible materials, like composite resin fillings instead of amalgam fillings, which contain mercury. We also take measures to ensure safe removal of dental amalgam for the protection of our patients, as well as our team members.

Tulsa Holicstic Dentistry Mercury Amalgam Removal - After


Tulsa Holistic Dentistry Mercury Amalgam Removal - Before


Mercury is a heavy metal making up approximately 50% of dental amalgam. Recently, Sweden has joined several other countries in banning the use of mercury fillings. The US Food and Drug Administration changed positioning on dental amalgam from stating that it is safe to, now, stating that dental amalgam containing mercury poses a hazard for pregnant women, as well as children and people with mercury sensitivity. Our philosophy is, if we would not place it in our or our family members’ mouths, we will not place it in yours.

In the past, all fillings were made of amalgam. Modern dental materials give us an attractive alternative to mercury/amalgam – composite resin. Fillings made with composite resin contain no metal or mercury. They are a major component of holistic dentistry. In addition to biocompatibility, composite fillings mimic the appearance of natural tooth structure. We can tint the composite for your fillings to make it blend with the color of your damaged tooth.

If you have amalgam fillings that you’d like removed, whether for health reasons, because they are worn, or for esthetics, we will be happy to replace them with composite resins. In our holistic approach to amalgam removal, we will make sure that toxic materials in the amalgam don’t become airborne when we remove the fillings. This procedure involves a special vacuum system, and use of the system is not required by any governing dental entity. We have invested in the system to provide you with holistic dentistry for your optimal health and peace of mind!

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