In one of his Ask the Dentist segments for channel 2 KJRH, Dr. Kevin Winters is asked what makes a cosmetic dentist different. He not only explains why people should choose a cosmetic dentist, but also shows some before-and-after images to show what kind of results his office can personally make for people.

What Makes a Cosmetic Dentist Different?

One of the questions people often have about cosmetic dentistry is what makes a cosmetic dentist different from a regular dentist? Technically, any dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist, but, Dr. Winters points out, not all of them are equally trained.

Dentists receive training in many different types of dentistry in dental school, including cosmetic dentistry, but some of the areas don’t receive as much attention as they might warrant. Cosmetic dentistry is one of these, and Dr. Winters encourages anyone considering cosmetic dentistry to look for a dentist who has training and experience in the field.

Most importantly, he says, always ask for pictures before committing to cosmetic dentistry. You want to make sure that a dentist you have chosen can give you attractive results, and that depends on seeing pictures of the dentist’s work.

A Dramatic Transformation with Porcelain Veneers

To demonstrate the results that a skilled cosmetic dentist can achieve, Dr. Winters shares some before and after pictures of one of his patients. The woman had multiple complaints about the appearance of her smile. Her teeth were poorly shaped and crooked, leaving gaps in her smile. The teeth were discolored, too, creating an overall unattractive impression of the smile.

After porcelain veneers, though, the patient had an attractive smile: straight teeth that are white and attractively shaped. But what was most impressive about the transformation was how it transformed the appearance of her entire face. With a brighter smile and greater confidence the woman’s entire face looked more beautiful.

And this dramatic transformation of her smile only took this woman two appointments, part of what makes porcelain veneers so remarkable. It only takes two visits, sometimes as little as a month, to get your bright, beautiful new smile.

Dr. Winters also noted that one of their current patients was Georgia Frazier, Miss Oklahoma.

Are You Looking for a Cosmetic Dentist?

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