You Should Replace a Missing Tooth When:

Shifting Teeth

Teeth brace each other against the forces of biting and chewing. When one is gone, the others can shift out of place.

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Damaged Teeth

Teeth share the load evenly. With fewer teeth, there is more load for each tooth, putting teeth at risk for wear and breakage.

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Jaw Problems

Shifting teeth and imbalanced bite forces can increase your risk of developing TMJ.

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More Lost Teeth

Shifting teeth can get harder to clean, increasing the risk of gum disease, and with more damaging force, you might lose additional teeth.

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Bad Impressions

A missing tooth is the most visible cosmetic defect in a smile. People jump to conclusions about a person who is missing one or more teeth.

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Enjoy Your New Smile in Just Two Weeks

If You’re Looking for a Smile Solution That Is:


They look just like natural teeth. No one will be able to tell you lost a tooth.


They are anchored independently in the jawbone. They don’t use hooks or clasps and aren’t attached to neighboring teeth.


Eat all your favorite foods and speak clearly with no worry about dentures that might slip or click.


No special cleaning: just brush, floss, and see the dentist.


Unlike dentures and dental bridges, dental implants stimulate your jawbone to keep it strong.


Can replace one tooth, a few teeth, or all your teeth.


Dental implants are made of a titanium root topped with an advanced ceramic crown.


With proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime.


Your body accepts titanium so readily that it actually incorporates it into your bone.

The Dental Implant Process

Dental implants take time, but the process isn’t complicated.

Preparing for Dental Implants

Your mouth may not be ready for them at first. We may need to:

  • Remove damaged teeth
  • Treat gum disease
  • Add bone to support the implant

Placing Dental Implants

  • Dental implant is placed in the jawbone
  • Dental crown might be placed the same day

Placing Dental Crown

  • If it wasn’t placed right away, dental crown is placed 4-6 months later
  • Dental Implant is fully integrated into bone

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Almost everyone who has lost teeth is a candidate for dental implants. The ideal candidate:

  • Is in good oral and general health

Not in Good Health? Treatments are available.

  • Is a nonsmoker

Smoker? You’ll have to quit while implants heal—and it’s best if you quit altogether.

  • Has good bone density at the implant site

Limited bone? Bone grafting can make the site ready for implants.

  • Is committed to caring for dental implants

Not Committed? We can help you make the commitment or find a better option.

Want to learn more about dental implants? Please contact élan by Dr. Meghan Hodges at (918) 528-3330 in Tulsa, OK today.