Enjoy the Results of a Smile Makeover

Recently, we had the opportunity to show the results of a smile makeover at the Runway Tulsa show. Local model Mary Lynch showed off her results at the show, saying, “I can’t imagine a better or more beautiful accessory!” Since then, many people have asked us if they, too, could get equally [...]

Improve Your Smile in Just One Visit

Many people think about getting cosmetic dental procedures done, but never follow through. While there are plenty of reasons for this (such as fear, or concern about the cost), one major reason that so many people never follow through on their plans to improve their smile is convenience. Often, a cosmetic procedure can seem like [...]

Olympian Adam Rippon Has Teeth Bleaching Troubles

The winter olympics have many of us glued to the television, googling the scoring system used in curling, and picking favorites out of the young athletes who are currently in the spotlight. Some have fallen in love with figure skater Mirai Nagas, the first woman to land a triple axel in the Olympics, while others [...]

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Show Off Your Best Smile for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again — the time of year where you reunite with family, attend countless dinners and parties, and have to smile for plenty of group photos. That last one can be rough for the more than 25% of people who don’t like smiling because of their teeth. If embarrassment about your [...]