Can a Failed Bridge Be Replaced?

Dental bridges are a good tooth replacement option. They can give you a fully fixed restoration that lets you eat all your favorite foods. It’s almost like getting your natural tooth back. Dental bridges can last a long time--decades--but they don’t last forever. If you have an old dental [...]

Summer Can Be Hard on Teeth

Summers in Oklahoma can be hard on the best of us. With temperatures regularly soaring over 100, anything you do outdoors can become an excruciating exercise in sweat and toil. But as much as you’re aware of the challenge on the rest of your body, you may not be aware of how hard the summer [...]

Dental Implants Can Restore Teeth Lost to E-Cigarette Explosions

In Mid-May, officials revealed what is believed to be one of the first deaths caused by an exploding e-cigarette. According to coroners and fire investigators, the 38-year-old man was killed when his vape pen exploded, sending projectiles into his brain. He was likely killed instantly, then his body was badly burned during the ensuing fire. [...]

Tired of Fillings? Get Proactive with Cavities

You know that sinking feeling when your dentist checks out your x-rays with a furrowed brow and then tells you that it’s time to schedule an appointment for a filling? Nobody likes hearing the news that they have a cavity. If you’re one of the tens of millions of people who suffer from dental anxiety, [...]