Why Quality Dental Care Is Worth Paying for

These days, we are conditioned that the most important factor in deciding between options is the one that’s cheapest. And it’s easy to understand why: everyone has a tight budget, and with costs going up all the time (especially in healthcare), it can be hard to make sure everything fits. But the truth is that [...]

Frontline Alleges That Profits, Not Patients, Might Drive Corporate Dentistry

Frontline is one of the most respected investigative journalism programs in the country. Produced by the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), it is free from the restraints that advertisers might place on its investigations, and it often explores controversial topics to identify concerns that might threaten the health and wellbeing of individuals and the nation. So [...]

Looking for Dental Financing in Tulsa?

Are you looking for a dental practice in Tulsa that accepts dental financing? At our office we offer our patients options in the form of dental financing and payment plans that make it possible to afford the costs of nearly any dental procedure. Cosmetic dentistry treatments such as [link id='168' [...]