Rami Malek Covered Bohemian Rhapsody Teeth in Gold

This week will see the release of the long-awaited Bohemian Rhapsody, the biopic focused on Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Mercury was one of the most flamboyant and controversial figures in rock, and this movie puts him front and center, helping people to understand the man behind the music that remains some of the most iconic [...]

Why Quality Dental Care Is Worth Paying for

These days, we are conditioned that the most important factor in deciding between options is the one that’s cheapest. And it’s easy to understand why: everyone has a tight budget, and with costs going up all the time (especially in healthcare), it can be hard to make sure everything fits. But the truth is that [...]

Niki and Gabi Talk about Veneers and Other Cosmetic Treatments

It’s a very important issue that young people have to confront: whether they want to change their appearance or embrace who they are. It’s a hard decision, with lifelong consequences either way. So it’s important to make the right decision. But which is the right decision? It’s hard to know, so it would be nice [...]

Why Invisalign Is the Top Cosmetic Procedure for Weddings

All brides want to look their best for their special day. It’s envisioned as the culmination of our personal story, the happy ending of one life and the beginning of our happily ever after. Not only that, it will be one of the most closely documented events of our lives--we will be in many, many [...]

Spring Clean Your Smile!

Tuesday was the official first day of spring, and in contrast to the winter storms threatening the Northeast right now, it actually feels like spring this week in sunny Tulsa! It’s the time of year for flowers, new beginnings, and of course, spring cleaning. But while it may be a great time to deep clean [...]