Enjoy the Results of a Smile Makeover

Recently, we had the opportunity to show the results of a smile makeover at the Runway Tulsa show. Local model Mary Lynch showed off her results at the show, saying, “I can’t imagine a better or more beautiful accessory!” Since then, many people have asked us if they, too, could get equally [...]

Why Invisalign Is the Top Cosmetic Procedure for Weddings

All brides want to look their best for their special day. It’s envisioned as the culmination of our personal story, the happy ending of one life and the beginning of our happily ever after. Not only that, it will be one of the most closely documented events of our lives--we will be in many, many [...]

Bella Hadid Says She’s Much More Comfortable Smiling Now

Last week, Bella Hadid and designer Alexander Wang unveiled a new campaign for Magnum Ice Cream at the Cannes Film Festival. With his typical flair, Wang described what a Hadid-themed ice cream would be like: spicy, sultry, and a little bit melted. Hadid laughed at this description, because at this debut, she was certainly playing [...]

New Glue Could Eliminate Stains After Braces

A crooked smile can be embarrassing, unattractive, and can even compromise your oral health by creating a bad bite, or making it difficult to perform effective oral hygiene. These are just a few of the reasons why so many people get braces to straighten out their smile. But traditional braces have their downsides: The brackets [...]

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