Bella Hadid Says She’s Much More Comfortable Smiling Now

Last week, Bella Hadid and designer Alexander Wang unveiled a new campaign for Magnum Ice Cream at the Cannes Film Festival. With his typical flair, Wang described what a Hadid-themed ice cream would be like: spicy, sultry, and a little bit melted. Hadid laughed at this description, because at this debut, she was certainly playing the part in a creamy white mini dress, tall white heels, and a single flat chain of gold. Her vanilla nails were just enough off the white to stand out and to give a luxuriant touch as she sensually dipped the ice cream bars in chocolate.

But, of course, her dress wasn’t the only white she flashed at the event. Although the campaign is focused on taking pleasure seriously, Hadid showed off her beautiful smile as she joked around with Wang. This is unusual for the model, and she reflected that showing her smile represents a change in her personal life.

Why Bella Hadid Smiles Now | Dentist Tulsa

Gaining Confidence in Her Smile

Hadid was asked about her smile in interviews related to the event. She says that now she feels a lot more comfortable smiling.

In the past, she says, she felt unhappy with her smile, which she thought was crooked. Then she got braces in high school, and it’s one of those situations where the cure is almost as bad as the disease. It made her feel even more self-conscious about smiling for a while.

Then she began modeling. Not feeling comfortable with her smile, she didn’t smile at first. Then, it became something of a signature look. So she kept not smiling.

Now, she says, she understands her face, but, beyond that, she also says that she now has a lot more to smile about: she says she’s “centered,” and that lets her be the person she wants to be, which includes having fun when she’s in front of the camera. It also includes pursuing her personal passions, such as knitting, which she gave up because she was told it was uncool.

A Beautiful Smile Helps You Be You

Hadid had a hard time being herself in part because she started with a perception that her smile was crooked and unattractive. Now that she is more herself she is happily flashing her smile, but it seems unlikely that she’d be smiling as much if she still felt her smile was unattractive.

Your smile isn’t who you are, but it does help you become the person that you are, the one that you want to be. Having confidence in your smile helps you feel more confident in yourself, which gives you the ability to go out and do the things you want to do.

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