Why All Dentistry Should Be Cosmetic Dentistry

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At élan by Meghan Hodges, we practice cosmetic dentistry. While some people may think that cosmetic dentistry is just something added on, an extra procedure unnecessary to your dental treatment, we believe that cosmetic dentistry is actually an integral part of all dentistry, and all dentistry should be cosmetic dentistry. Here’s why.

Looking Attractive Is a Function of Your Teeth

Throughout your day, your teeth perform many functions. They help you chew, of course. They help you speak. They help hold your jaw in position for breathing and smiling.

But looking attractive is also one of their functions, too. We know that your smile is critical to all human interactions. Your smile helps you convey your feelings–it even helps you feel your feelings.

Your smile  makes you memorable. It helps you represent yourself and is an essential part of your personal brand. An attractive smile makes you look younger, smarter, more successful, even more caring and compassionate.

You count on your teeth for all these things. If they can’t perform these functions, then they’re not truly functional.

Attractive Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

It would also be foolish to separate cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry when the appearance of your teeth is such a clear indicator of their health. Healthy teeth with strong enamel have all the characteristics we associate with attractive teeth: proper proportion, bright whiteness, free from debris or tartar, and with healthy gums evenly tight along their base.

But when teeth get unhealthy, they become discolored. The enamel loses its luster and may show dark places. The teeth change proportion, the gums become inflamed and can recede.

Making your teeth look attractive not only shows that they’re healthy, it helps us spot future health problems as they arise.

Attractive Teeth Are Functional Teeth

And many of the characteristics of attractive teeth are also those of functional teeth. Straight teeth are more efficient at biting and chewing. They help you speak more clearly. They’re also easier to clean and maintain. And they are less likely to suffer adverse wear.

Adverse wear can make your smile less attractive because it alters the proportions of your teeth. It also puts your teeth at elevated risk of trauma or loss.

Dentistry Should Be Done Right

Ultimately, all dentistry should be cosmetic dentistry, because that’s the only way to do it right, and Dr. Hodges believes in dentistry done right. When we consider all the benefits of having an attractive smile, dentistry isn’t really done right if it’s trying to maintain some semblance of health without fully giving you the function of your teeth.

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