Vehicles and Teeth Have Similar Needs

Head And Shoulders Portrait Of Pretty Woman Against WallTeeth are like cars—some have high mileage on them, but if they’re well maintained, they’ll function reliably. Occasionally, teeth get into accidents or break down and need repairs. Tooth failure might not leave us walking to work or to the grocery store, but it does create hiccups in our everyday lives from what we are able to consume to what kind of smile we feel comfortable showing in public. Just as with your car, you will want to go to an expert who will be able to have your teeth up and running again and your daily routine back on track.

Mechanics repair and replace your vehicle’s parts that wear out over time or are broken by accident in order to keep your vehicle functioning. Even more minor aesthetic damage like a ding in the door can cause trouble if not treated because chips in the paint may lead to rust developing over time. In the same way, dentists are able to protect decaying teeth by filling spots of decay. When fillings cannot fix the decay, or if teeth are chipped, cracked, or broken, dentists can use veneers and crowns to prevent bacteria from infiltrating down to the roots and causing more severe problems.

Oil Changes and Tune-Ups

One of the best ways to maintain a vehicle is to take it in for its oil change every 3-4 thousand miles and a tune-up every 30 thousand miles. Mechanics check to see if your vehicle is properly running during the tune-up. If your battery is starting to go bad, or your tires need a rotation, mechanics make note of it so that you can correct the problem before it leaves you stranded somewhere.

Your mouth’s oil change is brushing and flossing, recommended every day for best results. Every six months it is recommended to go in for a cleaning. Cleanings give dentists the opportunity to remove plaque buildup and other biofilms that can cause tooth decay, while checking on the health of your teeth and gums. During cleanings, developing problems can be identified and dealt with before they become a larger (and possibly more painful) issue.

Overhauls or Replacements

Occasionally, a vehicle might break down, either from neglect, an accident, or parts wearing out over time. When this happens, you may be able to replace bad parts like a cracked fuel pump in order to get your vehicle back up and running again. In other instances, a vehicle may break down past the point of repair, such as when the engine seizes. Then it is time to get a new vehicle.

Teeth will also occasionally wear out or break down and need a major overhaul. Depending on the damage, you may be able to crown the tooth to protect it from further damage and decay. Even with a crown, however, it is important to continue regular maintenance to prevent the crown from wearing out or failing prematurely. If the damage to a tooth is too significant, it may need to be replaced with an implant or dental bridge, depending on your specific needs.

Keeping A Healthy Smile

In any of these examples, without regular maintenance and proper care, teeth are more likely to have recurring problems. Even a beautiful white porcelain crown can have its lifetime shorten by neglect. In this way, keeping your dental care costs down over your lifetime is largely dependent upon how you care for all of your teeth. Unlike your car, teeth are used constantly and have a direct impact on your health. They need to last you a lifetime.

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