Loose Dentures? Trump Should Try Denture Fountain of Youth®

President Trump is always in the news for one reason or another. But last month, it wasn’t his politics that the world was talking about… it was his teeth. During a speech about Jerusalem, Trump was noticeably slurring some of his words. Trevor Noah of the Daily Show claimed that he had spotted the problem: Trump’s dentures had slipped out of place, making it difficult for him to finish his sentences. “This used to happen to my grandfather all the time,” Noah said. “Think about it. Have you ever seen Trump eat an apple?”

Trump himself may or may not be suffering from denture slippage, but many denture-wearers do struggle with this problem. Luckily, denture technology has come a long way. These days, slipping dentures don’t have to be the norm — for the president, or for the average person.

Loose Dentures? Trump Should Try Denture Fountain of Youth®

Why Do Dentures Slip?

Whether you’re giving televised speeches or simply trying to navigate your daily life, slipping dentures can be embarrassing and inconvenient. Plus, repeated slipping can cause gum irritation. If your dentures don’t fit well, even the best denture adhesive won’t keep them in place while you eat or speak. And over time, denture slippage can get worse as you lose jaw bone density. The presence of teeth stimulates the jaw bone, but once your teeth are gone, your body begins to resorb that bone material, believing it to be unnecessary. This can eventually lead to not being able to wear dentures at all.

Enter the Denture Fountain of Youth®. These dentures are designed using neuromuscular dentistry to ensure that your dentures are as close as possible to your natural teeth. Replicating your natural tooth structure has many benefits:

  • A more comfortable, more reliable fit. By modeling your dentures after your natural teeth, your dentist can achieve a more comfortable fit and greater security. This makes it significantly easier to bite and chew, and lessens the likelihood of embarrassing slippage.
  • A more youthful facial appearance. Your teeth are part of the structure that supports and shapes the tissues of the face, which is why losing teeth can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. FOY® dentures can essentially give you a facelift without the surgery.
  • Stimulate the jaw bone with implants. If you want your dentures to really stay put and provide the stimulation your jaw bone needs to retain bone density, your dentist can secure your dentures with dental implants.

Dentures don’t have to be the awkward, embarrassing false teeth that we’re used to seeing in our cartoons and comedies. These days, a good set of dentures can be attractive, comfortable, and functional. If you’re ready for dentures that will fit well, stay put during your day-to-day life, and look beautiful, look no further than Fountain of Youth®.

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