If there is one restoration that everyone hates, it’s a partial denture. Not even dentists like them. Although they can sometimes serve a purpose, overall they are more of a nuisance than they’re worth. Especially when there are dental implants that we can use to replace your partial denture with dental implants.

Here are five great reasons to get rid of your partial denture and replace it with dental implants. Dental implants also work great for replacing full dentures!

With partial dentures–also called flippers , you often have to take them out. Often, they don’t fit well enough that you can eat with them in, so you have to take them out before you eat. And if you can keep them in for eating, you have to take them out for cleaning right after you finish eating. And then they have to be taken out every night for cleaning and soaking.

And, unfortunately, there are the other times when you’re not meaning to take them out, but they come out, anyway. You may sneeze or laugh or even just speak loudly, sending your partials out of your mouth.

But dental implants are firmly attached in your mouth, just like natural teeth. You brush them at the time you brush your other teeth, and you can eat any foods with them that you eat with your natural teeth. Plus, you never have to worry that they’re going to come out unexpectedly.

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Get Rid of Your Bulky Denture

Dentures aren’t attached in your mouth–they rely on their large plastic base, typically with metal clasps, to hold them in place. This base can be uncomfortable and feels like a big foreign object in your mouth. It can be uncomfortable. It can even make you gag. It’s intrusive.

But dental implants aren’t any more bulky than natural teeth. They feel natural and they won’t make you gag. In fact, they feel so natural that it’s common to forget you have them–they become just your natural teeth.

Speak Clearly Again

You know better than to speak with your mouth full, but when you have a partial denture, you don’t have any choice. It can be hard to talk clearly with your partial denture in, since it interferes with tongue movement, changes the resonance in your mouth, and can move out of place while you’re talking.

If you never really adapted to speaking with a denture in, you’ll love getting dental implants. You’ll be able to speak clearly again because the implants are just like natural teeth and won’t interfere with your speech.

Enjoy Foods You Had to Give up

When you got dentures, you probably had to give up some of your favorite foods. Some you couldn’t eat, and others were just too much of a nuisance to enjoy. You probably have a list, such as apples, steak, corn on the cob, and more.

With dental implants, you can enjoy these foods again. You’ll be able to eat them just as you did with your natural teeth. No extra trouble, just pure enjoyment.

Implants That Last a Lifetime

Another problem with partial dentures is that they’re not very durable. The plastic bases are prone to breaking if the denture falls out of your mouth, gets dropped when cleaning, or with the biting force of eating with them in. Just removing and inserting your dentures can even lead to bending the clasps. And they wear out fairly quickly.

But dental implants are very durable. The implant itself is made out of titanium, and the crowns and bridges are made of advanced ceramics that are very strong. The implants can last a lifetime , and the crowns may last 20 or 30 years with minimal repair or adjustment.

Are You Tired of Your Dentures?

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