Teeth Whitening at Mall Kiosks is a Risky Endeavor

Many states have legislation to regulate or ban mall teeth whitening kiosks. Oklahoma regulates these services in order to protect your oral health. Understanding why certain states limit who can and cannot offer this service could protect your oral health. Mall kiosks promise a brighter smile in minutes, but might not be as safe or effective as teeth whitening services offered by licensed dentists. Although some of these kiosks and salons offer safe services and hire experienced professionals, you should do your homework first.

Teeth Whitening: More Than Profits

The increasing demand for teeth whitening has sparked aspiring individuals to try their hand at this lucrative opportunity for the sake of profit. They are usually not medical or dental professionals and have little to no background in oral care. If you suffer from tooth decay, gum disease, or sensitive gums, mall kiosks might put you at risk of increased pain or irreversible damage.

Lack of Regulation

Pretty Mixed Race Girl Portrait Outdoors at the Park.The American Dental Association regulates teeth whitening services offered by licensed dentists so that all dentists offer safe services. In order to remove tough stains, whitening products contain a certain amount of peroxide as a bleaching agent to give you a brighter smile. Too much peroxide can cause soft tissue inflammation and tooth sensitivity. At the same time, too little peroxide can leave you with dissatisfying results. The ADA regulates the amount of peroxide that licensed dentists use in order to prevent irritation while at the same time ensuring quality.

Not all states hold mall kiosks and salons to these same regulations. For the most part, no one regulates how much or how little peroxide kiosks use in their gels. In many cases, these services use higher amounts of peroxide than the ADA regulations would allow in order to provide you with a Hollywood-quality smile in just a handful of minutes. Unfortunately, this can cause soft tissue inflammation and tooth sensitivity. These imbalanced concoctions are also highly acidic. Exposing your teeth to these gels for too long often damages or strips away the protective layer of enamel, leaving you vulnerable to tooth decay.

Dissatisfying Results and Cosmetic Restorations

Mall kiosk staff might also not recognize dental restorations such as porcelain veneers, dental implants, or porcelain crowns. These restorations will not lighten the same way as your natural teeth. Without understanding how to properly whiten to accommodate for these restorations, kiosks might leave you with dissatisfying and uneven results.

Safe, Effective Teeth Whitening

More and more states are working to create regulations for mall teeth whitening kiosks, but many states have no laws in place. If you feel dissatisfied with the shade of your smile, you will benefit from professional teeth whitening services. At our office, we offer quality whitening services that will quickly restore the brightness of your smile.

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