Should Your Cosmetic Dentist Be Your Only Dentist?

Many of us will take our car to the shop when it needs a full repair, but are perfectly happy to take it to a corner fast-lube place when it needs an oil change. Whether this is a good idea or not depends on the make, model, age, and needs of the car. Sometimes, going to a fast-lube place is a great way to save money on your car maintenance, but other times, you might be being penny wise and pound foolish, saving a few dollars now only to pay hundreds, even thousands later when a problem crops up.

The situation might be the same when you are making a decision about maintaining your teeth. Should you go to a cosmetic dentist for your regular checkups, or does it make more sense to visit one dentist for everyday care and only visit your cosmetic dentist for major procedures? Here’s a guide of things to consider in making your decision.

Do They Both Have the Necessary Skill?

If you get advanced cosmetic dentistry, properly maintaining that dentistry does require a level of care and attention that not every dentist is prepared to give. If you don’t find a general dentist who makes you feel comfortable that they’re properly treating your restorations, then make your cosmetic dentist your general dentist. Proper maintenance is crucial to ensuring your dental restorations last the ten years, twenty years, or more that they are intended for. And it’s not just the dentist’s skill that matter, either: the soft tissue around dental implants and many dental restorations can be damaged by a careless hygienist.
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Do You Have Special Needs?

If your bite is generally healthy and you haven’t had problems with TMJ or bruxism, it’s okay to visit a dentist who is not skilled in neuromuscular dentistry for your checkups. But if you have had bite problems, it’s important to visit a cosmetic dentist who has the training to recognize and deal with these before they damage your restorations.

Who’s Convenient?

When you’re getting porcelain veneers that are going to last you a decade or more, it’s worth it to travel a long way to make sure they’re done right. But if you’re going for a routine checkup, going too far out of your way can be a major inconvenience and a burden.

We expect to see patients from across the country and around the world for cosmetic dentistry, but we don’t expect someone in Dubai to hop on a plane every time they need a cleaning (though it’s not unheard of!)

Does Your Cosmetic Dentist Do General Dentistry?

Some cosmetic dentists just are not interested in doing the routine dental procedures such as hygiene visits and gum disease treatment. They will generally refer you to someone they feel is competent for maintenance.

If you’re not comfortable with this situation–some people feel uncomfortable working with a dentist who feels they’re too superior to bother with the health and maintenance of your smile–you should take it into account when choosing your cosmetic dentist.

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