Niki and Gabi Talk about Veneers and Other Cosmetic Treatments

It’s a very important issue that young people have to confront: whether they want to change their appearance or embrace who they are. It’s a hard decision, with lifelong consequences either way. So it’s important to make the right decision. But which is the right decision?

It’s hard to know, so it would be nice to actually try both, if only that were possible. For most of us, it’s not, but a set of identical twins conducted their own experiment: one of them decided to transform her appearance while the other decided not to. Which turned out to be the right decision? It’s too early to tell, but their recent vlog explores the question and gives us some important insight.

Niki and Gabi Have a “Super Raw Conversation”

Niki and Gabi Talk about Veneers and Other Cosmetic TreatmentsNiki and Gabi are famous vloggers, twins whose videos get millions of views every week. In this recent episode, in the style of a confession narrative. Niki, the twin who didn’t change her face, confronts Gabi about what motivated her to change her appearance.

The conversation touches on issues of self-confidence and also on family dynamics, which are critical to young women who are considering changing their faces.

Gabi worries that her transformation is giving her followers a bad message: making them feel like they have to change to be beautiful. But, she also felt that she had to be true to herself and try to become the woman that she always wanted to be.This is also an empowering message: you can be who you want to be. Gabi wanted very much to look like her Cuban mother: tan, with full lips and a beautiful smile.

Ironically, though, when she decided to get lip fillers, it was her mother who was most angry about the decision, threatening to throw her out. Their mother also blamed the change on their recent fame, something both vloggers deny. However, Niki did note that the consequence of this confrontation is that Gabi didn’t talk to her mom or the rest of the family about her injectable treatments. These kinds of family dynamics can be very hard to manage. Luckily, their parents came to terms with Gabi’s beauty treatments, and no one had to get thrown out of the house.

Why Veneers

Niki and Gabi talk about gabi’s decision to get veneers by first calling attention to Niki’s natural teeth. Niki’s teeth are not unattractive. They have the slight variation in height that many people have naturally when they’re young, although with wear and age this can disappear. There’s also a slight crookedness in some of the side or back teeth.

Gabi’s teeth supposedly looked just like Niki’s, except that Gabi had a slight gap in her teeth because she didn’t wear her retainer after she had orthodontics, while Niki did. But it wasn’t just the tooth gap that made Gabi want to change her smile. In fact, it wasn’t her teeth at all that made her want to get veneers, it was her lips.

When Gabi started getting lip fillers, she found that her smile was no longer in proportion with her lips. When Gabi had the thin, masculine lips she hated, her small teeth seemed proportionate. But when she got the lips she wanted, they looked big in comparison to her small teeth. This made her want to get veneers that could enlarge her teeth to make her face in proportion.

Both Decisions Are Good

So, what’s better: changing your face or embracing yourself as you are? In this video, it seems that they’re both good choices. Both Niki and Gabi seem to be happy and well-adjusted, to the extent that any of us are. They are both beautiful young women, although they are slightly different. But more importantly, they’re both in control of their lives, and they’re both at peace with their decision. Whichever decision you decide to make, it’s important to be sure that it’s the one you really want.

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