Rebuild a Damaged Smile

You don’t need to go through life with a damaged smile. Whether your teeth have become damaged as a result of trauma, like a car accident or athletic injury, or as a result of other ongoing problems, like TMJ or poor oral hygiene, an experienced cosmetic dentist can rebuild your smile into the beautiful, functional, natural-looking one that it was before.

This can be done using reconstructive dentistry. This type of cosmetic dentistry is specifically to correct damage that has been done to your teeth, as opposed to the cosmetic treatments that improve the appearance of your natural teeth.

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Full-Mouth Reconstruction

With the power of modern dentistry, no damage is irreparable. If your teeth have been affected by a trauma, you may have cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. Some of your teeth may even be missing. Or, if oral hygiene is a struggle for you, tooth decay or gum disease may be what’s causing problems in your mouth. For those with TMJ or a bad bite, your teeth may be unusually worn. And many things can cause teeth to become crooked, crowded, or otherwise out of place.

The good news is, these problems can often be corrected simultaneously with reconstructive dentistry. In most cases, you can have a brand new smile within a month.

Here’s how it works: First, your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination of your mouth. This will allow them to identify problem areas and gauge the current state of your oral health. Your dentist will consult with you about your goals for the reconstruction, to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want and need out of the procedure. Then, they’ll create a customized reconstruction plan to address you and your particular concerns. To help you picture the results of this plan, Dr. Hodges creates a diagnostic wax model. This model also gives Dr. Hodges an opportunity to fit the restorations before they go into your mouth permanently.

No matter what kinds of problems your smile faces, your dentist will suggest the right combination of procedures to correct for them within the timeline you choose.

What Caused the Damage?

If your mouth was damaged as a result of a one-time trauma, like a car accident, then a full-mouth reconstruction will probably be all you need to correct your smile and get back to living your life. But if that damage is likely to happen again, your dentist should also work with you to ensure that you’re protected against further issues.

For example, if your teeth were damaged in an athletic injury, you may want to get a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth during sports. If grinding and clenching from TMJ is causing wear, you’ll want to seek treatment for TMJ to prevent that same wear from threatening your restorations. And if decay and disease wreaked havoc in your mouth, you should take steps to improve your oral hygiene so that your new restorations will be safe from the same threats.

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