Why #smile Is One of the Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in use today. It’s a very different platform than others, because the emphasis is primarily on pictures, and on creating your own, unique content. This makes it appeal to young people who have a lot of interesting pictures to share from their life.

And it’s also partly because of this emphasis that the hashtag #smile is so popular. It’s one of the top 20 hashtags used on the platform with nearly 234 million posts! But what makes this hashtag so popular? Let’s take a look at how #smile really expresses the core values of Instagram.

It’s Positive

One of the things that sets Instagram apart from Twitter or Facebook is that it’s really dedicated to positive emotions. You don’t log onto Instagram and get hit by waves of negative emotions. Instead, you see all the great things going on in the world.

#Smile fits in perfectly with many of the other top Instagram tags, such as #love (which is first, with over a billion posts!), #instagood (second), #beautiful (fifth), and #happy (eighth).

In fact, it blends into all these other tags, too. What makes you smile more than love?  What do you do when you’re happy? And what’s more beautiful than a smile?

It’s Personal

When you’re on Instagram, it’s a very personal experience. People are inviting you into their lives in an intimate way with their photographs. You can see that with other popular hashtags like #me and #selfie.

And a #smile is a very personal expression. It’s welcoming, warm, and inviting. It brings you in and helps you feel like you’re sharing a moment with the person in the picture.

It’s Expressive

A smile is one of the essential human expressions, but it’s even more essential than the others because it’s more readily recognized–people pick up on smile faster than they identify other expressions. They can also identify smiles from further away than other expressions.

It’s Cross-Cultural

When you post on Instagram, you’re not just hoping to reach your friends, you’re broadcasting to the world. When you do that, you want to put in something that the whole world can appreciate.

Smiling isn’t just an essential human expression, it’s one of the most universal. It’s recognized across many cultures easily as an expression of happiness.

Is Your Smile Instagram-Ready?

As popular as smiles are on Instagram, you might not be sharing yours. Why not? If it’s just because smiling isn’t a natural expression for you, that’s fine. But if you aren’t sharing your smile because you’re unhappy with the appearance of it, maybe it’s time to consider cosmetic dentistry to get a smile that you’ll be happy to share.

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