Never Fear, Holistic Dentistry in Tulsa is Here!

What’s one of the newest trends in dental care? It’s holistic dentistry and it’s aimed specifically at those consumers who want a natural experience at the dentist’s office. If you live in Tulsa, good news – there’s a holistic dentist located near you!

Here’s what you can expect from holistic dentistry in Tulsa.

Holistic Dentistry: An Overview

Holistic dentistry is different from “traditional” dentistry in several ways. The simplest way to describe it is a medical practice that focuses on whole body wellness that starts with oral health. While every holistic dentist uses different practices and techniques, they have in common a philosophy that places the most importance on overall health of the whole body with a focal point of the teeth and mouth and how they relate to overall health.

Your family doctor may realize there is a link between diseases of the gums and other conditions such as heart problems, diabetes and even pregnancy. But general practitioners focus on those other conditions and are not trained in promoting the health of your teeth as it relates to the rest of your body. That’s what makes holistic dentistry unique.

What a Holistic Dentist Does and Doesn’t Do

A holistic dentist will perform procedures that he or she deems best for the entire body.

Some people equate holistic dentistry with the practice of using materials other than mercury to fill cavities. Traditional dentists use mercury usually because that is what is covered in a patient’s dental insurance plan and those fillings last a long time. Holistic dentists, on the other hand, view mercury as a toxin and a risk to a patient’s health so they opt for safer, composite fillings.

Traditional dentists often recommend root canals in order to save teeth suffering from extensive decay. Holistic dentists, however, tend to avoid root canals because of the difficulty in completely cleaning and sterilizing the canal. If bacteria is not completely eradicated, it can lead to further health problems later, such as heart disease.

And finally, another very common way that holistic dentists are different from traditional dentists is in the use of fluoride. Most holistic dentists do not believe that ingesting fluoride is safe; in fact many argue that overflouridation via additions to the water supply and dental procedures can be quite harmful.

Not everyone is comfortable seeing a holistic dentist for their oral care. If you feel a whole body approach to oral and overall physical health is beneficial, then you are a good candidate for making an appointment with any one of the holistic dentistry Tulsa practices available.

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