Migraine Relief? There’s an App for That!

Although there are some people who find that using their cell phone is likely to induce a migraine (a whole topic in itself that we’ll save for later!), researchers at Curelator, have developed an app that may help people avoid migraines.

A Digital Migraine Journal

People with migraines have long been told to keep a migraine journal to help them track their migraine triggers. The app is designed to be much easier–and fun–to use than a handwritten diary. For most of the common migraine triggers, the app has icons, and all people have to do to input each potential trigger is tap it.

As people put data in about their daily activities and diet, Curelator builds an association map for their migraines. It shows the activities and foods that are most likely to trigger a migraine, and those that are relatively safe.

It even tracks common protective activities, including migraine medications, which allows you to track what helps prevent your migraines. This means that migraine sufferers won’t have to trust statistical lists based on the general population: they’ll have their own list of migraine triggers, making it easier to reduce their own migraine risk. Researchers have found that making a personal trigger map is very important, because their data so far indicates that only 4% of users share a similar map of migraine triggers because both genetics and environmental factors influence the nature of a person’s migraines.
The app can also be used to create a report that migraine sufferers can share with their doctors to help improve migraine treatment.

Developers describe the interface as “game-like,” and they say that 50-60% of people who use the app for a day will use it for the full 90 days the app requires to create a personal migraine trigger map.

TMJ Is a Common, Underestimated Cause of Migraines

Many people with migraines don’t realize that migraines and other headaches which seem to have no identifiable trigger, or that are simply related to stress, are actually related to TMJ. If you are having difficulty tracking down the cause of your migraines or getting good migraine treatment, you should consider TMJ as a potential cause.

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