Looking for Dental Financing in Tulsa?

Are you looking for a dental practice in Tulsa that accepts dental financing? At our office we offer our patients options in the form of dental financing and payment plans that make it possible to afford the costs of nearly any dental procedure. Cosmetic dentistry treatments such as veneers and teeth whitening are generally not covered but dental insurance because they are not considered to be needed for the sake of a patient’s health.

As these procedures can be difficult for some patients to afford it helps to have options that allow you to spread out your payments across many months so that you can get the smile you deserve. Many of these Tulsa Dental financing plans allow for no-interest as long as they are paid in full within 6, 12, 18 or 24 months, depending on the plan you are on. On the extended plans you can lock in a fixed interest rate meaning you will have predictable monthly payments that won’t rise unexpectedly in the future.

What About Credit Cards?

You are free to use your credit card at our office if you feel that it is the best choice. Credit card rates are generally higher than dental financing and you will likely pay more interest. This also means that if you use dental financing instead of your credit card you are free to use your credit card for other purchases that may be important to you.

Other Benefits Include:

  • No down payments
  • Financing from $499 to $40,000
  • Financing of multiple procedures
  • No application fees

If your finances are holding you back from getting the smile you deserve you should consider dental financing to help you along the way. Contact us today for more information on dental financing in Tulsa and to determine what the costs of your procedure will be.