Olympian Adam Rippon Has Teeth Bleaching Troubles

The winter olympics have many of us glued to the television, googling the scoring system used in curling, and picking favorites out of the young athletes who are currently in the spotlight. Some have fallen in love with figure skater Mirai Nagas, the first woman to land a triple axel in the Olympics, while others are charmed by relatable teen snowboarder Red Gerard, who fell asleep watching Netflix, overslept, lost his jacket, and still took home gold.

One popular figure who’s been gaining a dedicated following is figure skater Adam Rippon, the first openly gay man to medal in the Winter Olympics. His clever quips in interviews and funny Twitter feed has captured America’s attention and made him a favorite both on and off the ice. But one recent tweet showed that despite being an Olympic athlete, Rippon still deals with some of the same problems that normal people do — like tooth sensitivity after a whitening treatment.

Olympian Adam Rippon Has Teeth Bleaching Troubles

Bronze Medal Skating, Gold Medal Teeth

It’s hardly surprising that Rippon is concerned about the appearance of his smile. After all, this is a man who has taken vocal pride in his eyebrows! In order to prepare for his Olympic debut, Rippon admitted on Twitter that he had been bleaching his teeth.

“I’ve been bleaching my teeth for the past few days and now the wind that I create from just talking makes them hurt,” the figure skater complained. Although many of his followers seemed convinced that they could spot the difference in his smile, tooth sensitivity can’t have been a fun addition to the stress and pressure of the Olympic games. It begs the question: Why didn’t Rippon see a cosmetic dentist instead of taking the DIY route?

Sensitivity: An Unavoidable Whitening Side Effect?

Tooth sensitivity is a common side effect of over-the-counter whitening strips and treatments. In addition to the discomfort, these “one size fits all” approaches to whitening are less effective than what your dentist can offer, too.

When you visit your dentist for a professional teeth bleaching treatment, first your dentist will perform an exam to make sure your teeth are in good condition to be whitened. (Sometimes teeth can be discolored as a result of other oral health problems that won’t respond to bleaching.) Then, you’ll receive custom whitening trays that are designed for your mouth. This will make sure the whitening gel fully covers your teeth, but doesn’t irritate your gums. You can use it every night until your teeth look the way you want, and then use occasional upkeep treatments to keep your smile bright.

Unlike drugstore whitening treatments, your dentist can adjust your bleaching formula as needed if you start to experience tooth sensitivity. That way, you can get the white teeth you dream of without worrying about discomfort.

Whether you’re an Olympic figure skater or you just watch one on TV, an experienced cosmetic dentist can get you your whitest smile! Call élan at (918) 528-3330 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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